“Eesh, my balls sure are uncomfortable,” you think to yourself after a long session at the gym, in the nets, or out in the field, as you reach down to your crotch to tuck Goldilocks and the bears in to bed for the umpteenth time today.

You look around to see if anyone saw you. The coast is clear.

Is this what we’ve been reduced to?

Ladies have the option of silk, lace, and innumerable varieties of undergarments, whereas men are essentially stuck with cotton boxers, briefs, or boxer-briefs. They do the job, but considering how much we see the average man adjust his junk on a day-to-day basis, surely we can do better?

Ladies, imagine how pressing the issue must be for a man to adjust his meat and two veg in public, in front of you (and those are only the ones you catch sight of, too).

Our nether regions are the most sensitive parts of our bodies, and yet, men have been totally neglected in the underwear market. We deserve better.

That’s where 010gear (genius name!) come in. The brainchild of former Black Caps fast bowler Iain O’Brien, 010gear offers underwear for the active man, with the aim of ‘compression and comfort’.

Current New Zealand players Martin Guptill and Daniel Vettori wear 010gear (slightly voyeuristic to know what Vettori is wearing underneath his whites?) I was skeptical of the hype, so got a pair to review for myself…


…and the experience was excellent. I’ve trained in 010gear several times, and I reckon it’s like having a chauffeur for your googlies.

So far I’ve worn it for a week in total, in which I’ve tested it with a 5k run, a boxing session, as well as a normal day of working at hospital. When you first put it on, it’s the equivalent of putting your head on a really comfortable pillow after a long day.

No awkward fumbles, just contentedness. I’ll happily be bringing my 010gear into my rotation system (or as Aussies know it, informed underwear management).

The only slight negative is the waistband, which would ideally be sturdier, but is only faintly noticeable when putting on your piece of 010gear.

At £25 a pair, 010gear doesn’t come cheap, but if you’re an active sportsman then I reckon the difference is marked enough to justify the price. When I look in my underwear drawer and I want to treat myself, I no longer opt for the Superman boxers – I go for my 010gear.

Currently, you have the option of choosing £2 from every sale going to the charity Balls to Cancer, so you know your cash is going to a good cause, and for a product made in England.

010gear is available for £25 a pair from 010gear.com

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