1. Cricket doesn’t mind if you fire blanks during a time-out.

2. The only bitching and whining you will hear from Cricket is when Aussies are losing.

3. Cricket doesn’t care if you are seeing another sport on the side; it knows you’ll always come back for more.

4. Cricket openly encourages you to gawp at busty cheerleaders.

5. No girlfriend can keep your attention for eight hours at a time, five days in a row.

6. Cricket doesn’t judge you based on your stump size.

7. If you’re really good at cricket, you’ll get a crowd of 50,000 Indians cheering you on.

8. Ravi Shastri never says: “I’m too tired, maybe in the morning.”

9. Cricket doesn’t get all hormonal over you, accusing you of not having feelings if you forget to water the plants one day.

10. You can’t catch STDs from cricket. Unless you’re sharing a box with Shoaib Akhtar.

Now…just waiting on Cricket to make me a damn sandwich, then we can elope somewhere with plenty of grass on the pitch.

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by the editor

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