Clear all distractions and take two minutes:

Allow a moment for it all to sink in: yes, you just watched a video with a cartoon David Boon spilling beer over an air hostess, and an eerily accurate pimp-cum-ladyboy replica of Shane Warne.

shane warne metrosexual

Is this the greatest video on YouTube? At the very least, it is the sum total of several thousand videos of pandas hugging each other.

australia homework taiwan shane watson
In any case, when Taiwan start making cartoons of your cricketing woes, you know you might be struggling just a bit – either that, or the BCCI are making friends in east Asia.

Comment below to tell us your favourite part of the video – Michael Clarke and Shane Watson’s telekinetic knife battle, or Alastair Cook making a cameo appearance, ostensibly only to spank his opposite number?

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thanks to @SempreSami for the video heads-up!

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