Founded in 2010, Alternative Cricket is one of the most popular, respected, and Academy Award-winning cricket websites around.

At the heart of our ideals is to “just do good.” To this end, we have run successful publicity and fundraising campaigns for Afghan Cricket and Kenyan cricket respectively (via Cricket Without Boundaries).

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We write about cricket, we talk about cricket, and we tweet about cricket.

We do not submit to popular notions of censorship.

We will not blindly obey popular opinion, unless it is adequately profitable.

In short, we refuse to be corrupted, and we refuse to be stupid.

As an entity, Alternative Cricket has also been featured in Wall Street Journal, The Hindu, Headlines Today, The Telegraph (UK), Hindustan Times, Sydney Morning Herald, and many more of Murdoch’s glorious empire (praise be upon him).

I am the editor of this site. I’m a medical student in Europe, and I’ve written for Sports Illustrated, Huffington Post, ESPN Cricinfo, Star Sports (link to column) and others.

Here are a few of my more popular articles:

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