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Radio Cricket is the world’s most popular cricket podcast, choc-full of cricket news that you won’t hear elsewhere, Jade Dernbach vs Ishant Sharma competitions, and star interviews.

Here’s the episode from May 2014 when we chatted with Wisden Editor and cricket journalist Lawrence Booth about the impact of Kevin Pietersen’s departure from Team England:

84: Wisden Editor, Lawrence Booth by Radio Cricket

Out every Indian Standard Tuesday*, at 25 minutes long, our cricket podcast lasts longer than a Shahid Afridi innings. Radio Cricket is hosted by cricket writers Nishant Joshi and James Marsh.

* could be Wednesday, could be Thursday.

Q: You sound like decent men with good taste in clothes, hair and women. But I digress – what’s the easiest way for me to listen to Radio Cricket?

A: All of our episodes can be accessed on, via your mobile, tablet, and/or supercomputer. It’s the easiest way to listen directly, and there’s also a link to download each episode (within ten seconds!).

Q: But I’m lazy, is there an EVEN EASIER WAY to listen to Radio Cricket?

A: Yes, Inzamam, just get your phone/tablet/computer to do the hard work for you!

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you’ve contributed to the mistreatment of at least a handful of Chinese factory workers, but it means that listening to Radio Cricket is really easy, which is a fair moral trade-off. Click here and you can subscribe to Radio Cricket in iTunes.

If you have an Android device, you’ve make choices in life, and you should download a free podcast app (we like Stitcher and DoubleTwist). Click ‘subscribe’ and ‘download automatically’, and you won’t have to worry about energy-sapping tasks like clicking ever again!

Q: Do you have an RSS feed?

A: I don’t know what an RSS feed is, but I know that we do have one. Get it here:

Q: I enjoy your work, but I’m worried that I won’t be able to afford your podcast…

A: Lucky for you, our podcast comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee. Mainly because it’s available for the affordable price of zero dollars, and always will be. We have candid interviews and scything analysis, get episodes of cricket’s hottest podcast every Tuesday!

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